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Libswarm (in a nutshell)

At Dockercon, Docker announced a new project being worked on called libswarm.

I wanted to clarify what exactly libswarm is, what it does, and what it doesn't do.

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Docker Quicktip #5: Backing up Volumes

Data in Docker volumes is generally super important. In fact if you are doing your containers correctly the stuff in the volumes is the only thing you need to worry about backing up as containers shouldn't be storing anything at all.

So how do you access the data in volumes?

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Docker Quicktip #4 - Remote volumes

This one builds off the idea of using data-only containers. Let's step into the unknown and add a second host into the mix.

What do you use when you need to share data with containers across hosts? The answer? Well... as you normally would... NFS (or insert your file share service of choice).

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Docker quicktip #3 - ONBUILD

Docker 0.8 came out today, with it a slew of fantastic enhancements. Today we'll be looking at one of them: ONBUILD.

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Docker Quicktip #2: exec it, please!

Often when creating a Docker container it is necessary to do a bit of setup before starting the main process you wanted. Sometimes this is just a one-time setup for the first time the container starts (setting up database users, importing data, etc), other times it's setting up the environment to get your process going (as many init.d scripts also do). In any case some script is needed to run before running the main application that the container was created for.

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