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Burn Brighter

Nearly 12 years ago President George W. Bush, standing in the rubble of the World Trade Center, proclaimed on his megaphone that the unspeakable act of terrorism was carried out on the brightest beacon of freedom in the world.

Here we stand. Twelve years of war in the name of a world free of terrorism. Countless lives destroyed; soldiers, terrorists, and innocents alike.

This is not justice.

The beacon of freedom dims by the day as our rights are stripped away, in the name of protection.

This is not protection.

People cite Edmund Burke on evil prevailing unless the good intervene, but I say to you that there is NO good in killing.

We are the good that has become evil in our own fight against it.

Good intentions is not enough to be good!

Evil fought with anything but good will give birth to even more horrifying evil.

We have spread our evil across the Earth in more ways than just this, but our war has accelerated it's expansion unlike anything before.

A terrorist dead is a father or son, or mother or daughter killed. It leaves behind a family in shambles and hate.

Evil gives birth to new, atrocious evil.

Soon generations have passed and there are no more intentions, just ignorant, putrid, and festering hate.

The actions of those men on 9/11/2001, nor any actions before or after, do not serve to justify this war without an end.

The beacon does not burn as bright today as it once did, but it can and will again, ever brighter after hard lessons learned.