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Non-blocking I/O in Go

Whether you know it or not, if you are using Go you are probably using non-blocking I/O. This post will dig in a little into that, but go further into how you can actually take more control of the I/O handling in Go. This is especially nice as go1.11 and go1.12 add some very interesting interfaces to help with this. This had a slightly different conclusion than Iā€™d expected, but šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚, stuff happens

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Linux containers, what even are they?

I see a lot of people say a lot of things about containers which either are just completely false or show a clear misunderstanding of the technology, so I figured I would write this to point people towards.

Note: This article is specifically about Linux containers, and not anything to do with container images, distribution, orchestration, or any of thse things.

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containerd Deep Dive: Intro to containerd

You may have heard a lot about containerd recently, but did you know you've probably been using it for over a year?

This series will take a deep dive into what's new with containerd, its origins, any why you should care.

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Docker Quicktip #7: docker ps --format

It's been awhile since I did a quick Docker tip, so I figured I should go ahead and share one that I know many people will get use out of.

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Docker Networking: Reborn

Forget everything you thought knew about Docker networking. It's all changed, brand new and shiney, and yet oddly familiar. Docker 1.9 is coming and it will change the way you do container networking.

You may have seen some experiements now I'll show you the real deal.

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