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Docker Quicktip #2: exec it, please!

Often when creating a Docker container it is necessary to do a bit of setup before starting the main process you wanted. Sometimes this is just a one-time setup for the first time the container starts (setting up database users, importing data, etc), other times it's setting up the environment to get your process going (as many init.d scripts also do). In any case some script is needed to run before running the main application that the container was created for.

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Docker Quicktip #1: Entrypoint

The first tip is aptly named "Entrypoint". In this tips I kind of expect that you've played around with Docker a bit, probably even have some containers running for your dev environment. So, in short, if you haven't played yet, go play and come back!

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Persistent volumes with Docker - Data-only container pattern

Docker has an option to allow specific folders in a container to be mapped to the normal filesystem on the host. This allows us to have data in the container without making the data part of the Docker image, and without being bound to AUFS.

There are a couple of issues with using volumes in certain scenarios:

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Burn Brighter

Nearly 12 years ago President George W. Bush, standing in the rubble of the World Trade Center, proclaimed on his megaphone that the unspeakable act of terrorism was carried out on the brightest beacon of freedom in the world.

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Threaded Ruby in Production - Rbx edition

At enVu we use Ruby and Rails to bring together various pieces of 3rd party software to make them integrate a bit better with our business requirements.

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